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10 Things You Need In an Appellate/Post-Conviction Attorney

Appeals and post-conviction attorney Jonathan Laurans understands that finding an appellate/post-conviction practitioner can be a daunting task, as so few lawyers have experience in this discipline.
Finding the right attorney is no easy undertaking. Your best friend or relative may be a good source of advice in most situations, but when it comes to finding the right lawyer to handle an appeal or a post-conviction claim, you should do your own homework on who the best attorney is for the job. Here are a list of things to look for and ask attorneys as you search for one to represent you in your appeals case.

1. Licensure in the court where your case is pending

Appeals and post-conviction attorney Jonathan Laurans is licensed to practice law in the state and federal courts of Kansas, Missouri, Arizona and Texas. Jonathan Laurans is also licensed to practice in the United States Supreme Court, along with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Circuits (which cover the regions from essentially St. Louis west all the way to the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington; and from the northern edges of Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington; down to the southern edges of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona). He has also been granted permission to represent clients in local state and federal courts ranging from New York to Phoenix, Chicago to Little Rock. Ask Mr. Laurans if he is able to obtain provisional licensing to take on your appeal or post-conviction case, wherever it may be pending.

2. Experience

Jonathan Laurans has been practicing appeals and post-conviction law and federal criminal defense for over thirty years, defending individuals and corporate clients. He has litigated well over 250 federal cases and appeals, alone. He has practiced law in Missouri since 1992, Kansas since 1993, and Texas since 2000. In 2019, Mr. Laurans acquired his Arizona license as well.  And, he has also practiced across the country, including courts in New York, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, and Wyoming. He has experience in local state and federal trial courts, as well as appeals courts. He also represents banks and lending institutions in various civil cases and regulatory matters.

3. Success

Jonathan Laurans is an accomplished appeals attorney with many victories in both civil and criminal cases. He has successfully protected clients from having to pay literally millions of dollars in fines and forfeitures, and from having to serve years and years of prison time. He has successfully re-opened cold cases (even those which initially appeared to be beyond judicial review because of “procedural defaults”), and helped correct unlawful sentences. You can view several of his recent cases here.

4. Ethics

Jonathan Laurans is committed to upholding strict ethical standards. He holds the ranking of “AV Preeminent” by Martindale Hubbell’s prestigious lawyer rankings. Peers of Jonathan give him a score of 5 of 5, the highest possible ethical ranking. It is important to find an ethical lawyer so your case isn’t compromised for all the wrong reasons.

5. Research

Legal research is the backbone of any legal challenge. Lawyers should be able to demonstrate their ability to cite on-point, applicable precedent, apply law emanating from other people’s cases, as well as remain updated on recent and relevant rulings. A strong researcher is able to construct sound arguments for the most obscure circumstances. While Jonathan Laurans believes cases are won based upon the work done before the trial, he also remains committed to finding a way to “un-ring the bell” if you have lost a trial and are in dire need of an appeal or post-conviction filing. Pre-trial and appeals briefs must all be researched and constructed with tact. Rigorous investigation of a case requires the right preparation and research capabilities. The Law Office of Jonathan Laurans knows the importance of research, and is dedicated to researching your case thoroughly in order to maximize your chances for victory.

6. Dedication

Jonathan Laurans is committed to serving the client throughout the entire legal process. He makes time to meet with his clients in person, works with them hand-in-hand, listens to the specific details of their cases, and makes their situations understandable for them. Your chances of winning a case are drastically reduced when your defense attorney doesn’t prioritize you as a client. For that reason, the Law Office of Jonathan Laurans limits the number of cases for which representation is undertaken. Jonathan Laurans is dedicated to clients and fighting for the justice they deserve.

7. Focus on specific practice areas

Appellate/Post-Conviction attorney Jonathan Laurans has extensive knowledge and experience in criminal defense, the appeals process, and post-conviction litigation. Rather than take a multitude of cases in many different areas of law, he focuses his concentration on federal criminal defense, appeals, and post-conviction matters. You need an experienced attorney who concentrates in appeals and post-conviction matters, not one who – after taking your fee – runs off to court to handle someone else’s divorce, bankruptcy or traffic accident case. Jonathan Laurans is dedicated to his practice of criminal and civil appeals, and pursues post-conviction relief for the wrongfully convicted or excessively sentenced. At the end of the day, lawsuits are won with the application of intellectual skill and tactical nous, dedication, and study of new and developing law pertaining to the underlying specific subject matter, in this case all aspects of criminal law, from arrest through to post-conviction exoneration.

8. Resources

The Law Office of Jonathan Laurans and its staff are friendly, accessible, competent, local to Kansas City, and nationally recognized. You will never feel obstructed, ignored or stonewalled by our staff. We maintain an open line of communication so that you never felt left out of your case.

9. Communication

Well-written briefs and incisive, articulate oral arguments are the two biggest components to a successful appeals/ post-conviction presentation. Effective lawyers know how to communicate without shouting or pounding the table. A professional defense attorney will make your legal situation understandable. A competent attorney will be able to clearly and eloquently explain the background and paradigm of your case. At the same time, an experienced defense attorney will use in-court oral arguments aggressively in a full-on effort to win a case, including the zealous use of objections. Additionally, your defense attorney must be able to communicate with other attorneys and judges, in and out of court. Without these skills, winning cases is nearly impossible.

10. Recognition

Jonathan Laurans is ranked as “AV Preeminent” by Martindale Hubbell’s lawyer ranking service. Peers of Jonathan give him a score of 5 of 5, the highest possible ethical ranking. Jonathan Laurans also has been voted by members of the bars in Kansas and Missouri to “Superlawyers” in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014-2023. Jonathan Laurans has also been called upon to share his expertise as a speaker and writer at continuing legal education programs for the bar.