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Post-Conviction Litigation

Post-conviction attorney Jonathan Laurans has 30 years of experience navigating the complex, rule-laden area of post-conviction motion practice and “Habeas Corpus” litigation on behalf of clients who find themselves the victims of prosecutorial misconduct, excessive sentences, or “ineffective assistance of counsel.” As a post-conviction litigation attorney, Mr. Laurans works to overturn wrongful convictions and obtain new trials or reduced sentences on behalf of his clients across the country. Post-conviction is often the last-resort legal option available to those who have been convicted of a crime and have exhausted all other appellate avenues to secure relief from their convictions or lengthy sentences.

Convictions can be overturned for a variety of reasons. For instance, “newly discovered evidence” often arises well after a client has been incarcerated for years. And chief among the reasons for overturning a conviction or reducing a sentence is, unfortunately, the fact that many people who are convicted and sentenced received “ineffective assistance of counsel” from their trial attorney during the pre-trial, trial, or guilty-plea phases of their trial court litigation. In addition to “ineffective assistance,” there are other arguments which can be lodged to fight your conviction or sentence. Often there are changes in the law which might then cast doubt on the conviction or sentence, causing it to now be characterized as “unconstitutional,” void and illegal. Virtually no two post-conviction cases are the same. They require a highly technical and tenacious appellate/post-conviction attorney who can analyze all of the details of a case, leaving no stone un-turned.

Very few attorneys concentrate their practices on post-conviction litigation. Therefore, few know the depths to which cases must be investigated and researched. An incomplete or less-than-thorough post-conviction filing can unintentionally serve to end all chances at obtaining justice. Thus, you should carefully consider the appellate/post-conviction attorney who you select to represent you or your loved one. Post-conviction litigation should not be taken lightly. Ask any attorney you are interviewing to provide you with case results showing past post-conviction successes. And, ask that lawyer to briefly explain his or her opinion of your individual legal situation, the issues recognized, and the approach to be employed. This information should be provided to you in a manner which you can understand. If not, then it may be a sign that you need to keep searching for the right appellate/post-conviction attorney to handle the case for which you are seeking representation.

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