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Civil Appeals

At the Law Office of Jonathan Laurans, we have been litigating civil appeals for 32 years. While it is important to have a working knowledge of the subject matter underlying the litigation in the trial court, the more significant aspect of a civil appeal, in the fist instance, is “appellate procedure,” which consists of the laws, rules, and procedures of initiating the filing of a civil appeal, and thereafter ensuring the proper processing of the appeal, whether at the state, federal, or Supreme Court level. Appellate briefs and their supporting “Record on Appeal” or “Legal File” which do not completely conform to local court rules in every manner result in a rejection of filing, and can lead to a dismissal of the appeal, without the merits of the case ever being reached. Jonathan Laurans has successfully litigated appeals in courts across the country. Regardless, chances are never taken. Instead, with each appeal commenced, the rule books are re-opened, and all checklists are meticulously followed to ensure that your appeal will be decided on the merits of your arguments, not on a procedural default. Jonathan Laurans’ reputation has been established through peer-rated awards and our hard-earned appellate victories. Clients have ranged from large corporations and insurance companies, to high-profile politicians, to working-class citizens, all of whom share in common their need for fair and effective representation in civil appeals.

Civil Appeals Attorney

To achieve the maximum chance of winning your civil appeal, Jonathan Laurans works with your trial counsel to become intimately familiar with the underlying facts and circumstances that led you to decide an appeal must be pursued. Only by mastering and then distinguishing all the facts, can the process take place of building effective points of argument for your civil appeal. Let us review your potential civil appeal today, and see how appellate attorney Jonathan Laurans can help you with you the decision to move forward with a civil appeal.

Civil cases run the gamut, and so appeals of civil judgments come from areas of law such as:

  • Administrative Appeals

    Appeals related to administrative, government (federal, local, and municipal), licensing, whether it be related to business and commercial regulations, to driving privileges.

  • Business Litigation Appeals

    Appeals related to business disputes between private entities, or disputes involving employer-employee matters.

  • Insurance Appeals

    Appeals related to insurance coverage disputes.

  • Environmental Law Appeals

    Appeals related to the application of environmental regulations, and disputes arising out of natural disasters.

  • Family Law Appeals

    Appeals related to divorce disputes, child custody, child support claims, and other family-related matters.

  • Home Owner Association (HOA) Appeals

    Appeals related to Home Owner Associations (HOA’s)and their imposition of by-laws and rules

  • Construction Law Appeals

    Appeals related to construction law, zoning regulations, even workers compensation claims.

  • Intellectual Property Appeals

    Appeals related to intellectual property disputes arising out of violations of patents, copyrights and trademarks.

  • Probate Appeals

    Appeals related to probate and estate matters, the division of property upon death, and the responsibilities of trustees and others charged with administering to estates ethically.

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As a civil appeals attorney, Jonathan Laurans has 32 years of experience across a wide range of civil appeals. He combines tenacity, common sense, and a penchant for exhaustive, thorough legal research all in an effort to maximize your chances of winning your civil appeal, be it in state or federal court. Allow us to confer with you and your trial counsel to establish a winning civil appeal strategy. Contact the office of Jonathan Laurans today to discuss your pending civil appeal, and how he can help you achieve your civil appeal litigation objectives.